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Why Engagement Sessions Matter

engagement sessions matter

As is the case with most couples, having your very own photoshoot is an entirely new experience. Being in front of a camera together, packing on the romance can be awkward. Maybe you think it’s a waste of time and money or that it’s fake and pompous. Whatever your thoughts are around this kind of session, I’m here to change your mind about it.

Throughout our generation, the craze around engagement sessions has sky-rocketed. It just wasn’t part of the wedding process 15 years ago. And for that, we hear a whole lot of, “Nope, we don’t really need an engagement session” or “Engagement photos are annoying” and we’ve read a slew of articles mocking the entire act all together. But let me fill you in on something that is truly spellbinding about them.

I’ll start by saying that photographs are important for a very large handful immeasurable amount of reasons. They preserve time. They re-ignite your memory over the years. They allow you to share your story with your future children and grandchildren. Photographs are irreplaceable treasure pieces of our history. So let me say, for the record, there is nothing annoying about that. In fact, there is something MAGICAL about it.

I’m about to get real gushy on you guys…. are you ready?

Imagine having a memory in your mind of the way your husband looks at you. His gaze softens and a coy smile forms across his lips. He sees you. He understands you. He loves you with all of his being. That look has dried tears and embraced joyful moments. It’s what you imagine when you think about the moment you realized you loved him.

Now, imagine your wife’s heartfelt laugh. Maybe her nose crinkles or her eyes tear up. It awakens your home. It breathes happiness and contentment into your heart. It’s the sound you strive for every day. It’s what you replayed over and over in your head after you met her.

And now… imagine having a photograph of that look… of that laugh.

Engagement sessions are viewed as being unnecessary because, hey, you’ll be having photos taken on your wedding day, what’s the use of having any done beforehand? Your wedding photos will be more important! To that I say, no, all photos are important. I’m not saying this because photography is my profession. I bet if you dig up the very first photo that was taken of the two of you, whether it’s from a cellphone or an old polaroid, you’ll experience all the feels. Photographs, in any form, are keepsakes because they tell your story.

And the coolest thing about engagement photos, in particular? They capture this great big, exciting, life-changing transition in your relationship. Whether you’ve been together for a few years or just a few months, choosing to spend the rest of your lives together is huge! It’s just as big a deal on the wedding day as it is during the planning stages. Sure, there are other obvious benefits about having engagement photos taken, but the biggest and best reason is because photographs matter; before, during and long after you say your vows.


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